Import from Google Sheets via Zapier

You can use our Zapier integration to automatically send customer feedback from your favourite services to Playvox Customer AI.

However, Zapier only sends mentions to Playvox Customer AI when there is new data in the app you connected via Zapier, e.g. when there is a new survey response in Typeform. This means that any data you generated prior to creating the Zap will not be imported. Luckily there is a workaround for importing your historic data into Playvox Customer AI with the help of Zapier and Google Sheets.

What you will need

  • Playvox Customer AI account
  • Zapier account
  • Access to Google Sheets
  • Export of the data you want to import in Excel or CSV format

1. Set up the Google Sheets spreadsheet

First, export your data from your first app into a format like a CSV file. In Row 1, copy in the column headers from your imported spreadsheet file:


From there, paste the data in row 1 of the Google Sheets spreadsheet:


Now, go back to your imported spreadsheet file, copy the second row of data:


Paste the data in row 2 of the Google Sheets spreadsheet:


2. Create a Zap

In Zapier, create a new Zap. When you set up the trigger, select Google Sheets as the app and select New Spreadsheet Row as the trigger event. Select the new Google Sheets spreadsheet that you've created in the first step.


Next, set up the Zap action by choosing Playvox Customer AI as your app and Import Mention as your action.


When you set up the action, you should see all the columns from the spreadsheet as available fields which you can use to customize your action.


3. Test your Zap

Test your Zap by sending a test mention to Playvox Customer AI.


To verify the result, in Playvox Customer AI, head to Mentions and check whether your mention appears as expected. When you're happy with the way your Zap works, turn it on in Zapier.

4. Copy your data to your Google Sheet

Now that your Zap is turned on, you can copy the remaining data from the imported spreadsheet into the Google Sheet spreadsheet. Make sure that you're properly pasting the data to the right columns. After you've copied your data into the spreadsheet, the Zap you've created will trigger from these newly-added rows.

If you have hundreds or thousands of rows in your spreadsheet, you may get throttling errors if you try to copy them all at once. It's recommended to copy them at a rate of fewer than 100 rows every 20 minutes.