Exclude Messages from your Results

You can't always control what gets submitted to our support tools, reviews, or surveys. You might receive irrelevant marketing messages, SPAM, system alerts, or even abuse - stuff that has little to do with the voice of your customer.

Since Customer AI automatically syncs with your connected data sources, it means that those unwanted messages can end up in Playvox and impact the quality of your analysis and reporting.

We have developed a feature that lets you exclude messages matching particular keywords or phrases.

Please note that changes here will have an instant impact on your historic and future reporting.

Exclude messages by keywords

  1. Navigate to SettingsWorkspace Settings > Exclusions
  2. Under Exclude results by text match, click Configure
  3. Start by typing in a phrase contained in the mentions that you would like to exclude from your results
  4. The preview on the right-hand side will show you a sample of the results that will be filtered out from your workspace
  5. If you are not happy with the results, please remove the phrase by pressing X and try adding a more broad or specific phrase depending on your requirements
  6. When you are happy with the configuration, click Exclude and then click one more time on Confirm to save.

Exclude messages by User ID

  1. Navigate to Settings > Workspace Settings > Exclusions
  2. Under Exclude results by User ID, click Configure
  3. Type in a User ID that you would like to exclude messages from
  4. Repeat the process for and users you wish to exclude
  5. When you are happy with the configuration, click Exclude and then click one more time on Confirm to save.

Exclude messages from a user via the message menu 

There might be cases when you come across a message that you would like to exclude whilst you are browsing through your reports.

  • Hover over the message you would like to exclude
  • Click on the three-dot ... menu icon
  • Click Exclude all from this user
  • Confirm.

All messages associated with this user will now be excluded from your results.

You can manage the exclusion settings in Settings > Workspace Settings under Exclusions.