What can the Topic Groups be used for?

You can use Topic Groups to track high-level themes by organizing related topics into groups. This will make it easy to track the collective performance of a group of topics and compare their contribution to the topic group.

Use Cases

  • Bug tracking - create a topic for each known technical issue and assign all of them to the "Bugs" topic group to track the quality of your product and identify the bugs that impact it the most;
  • Feature requests - collate all feature requests into a single topic group to easily compare the volume and sentiment trends associated with each request;
  • Common questions - it can be useful to create a topic for each popular question and collate them into one topic group. This will help you compare how much volume is driven by questions vs bugs vs feature requests.
  • Organise topics by department - different teams will be responsible for different aspects of your product or service. You can use topic groups to organise topics by the team or department which is responsible for tracking them, e.g. "Product Team", "Support Team" or "Marketing Team".
Tip: Topics can belong to multiple topic groups at the same time

Common Questions

You can run various reports on Topic Groups: