How to improve the Custom Intent accuracy?

The accuracy of Custom Intents, like most Machine Learning models, depends on the quality and quantity of training data.

The more sentences you review, the more accurate the Custom Intent will become. 

You can continue to train your model at any time in the Intents view.

  • Navigate to Intents
  • Find the relevant Custom Intent you wish to improve and click Improve
  • Review at least 50 sentences in terms of whether they relate to the Intent:
    1. If a presented example matches your Intent, click Yes, Correct
    2. If a presented example matches your Intent, click No, Incorrect
  • As soon as you review at least 50 sentences, the model will automatically begin retraining the Intent based on your feedback. The retraining typically takes around 5-10 minutes.
  • As soon as the retraining finishes, you will see an updated accuracy score which will help you determine if you should continue training the model.