August 25, 2022 Release

Updates to Sub-Processor List

In your Master Services Agreement (MSA) and/or Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Playvox, we committed to notifying you prior to the appointment of any new third-party sub-processor that may process your Personal Data on our behalf. That time has come, and we’re honoring our commitment. We’re planning to appoint new third-party sub-processors for Playvox as provided below.

The new third-party sub-processors are:

  • Datadog (USA) - Playvox uses Datadog, Inc. for infrastructure monitoring.
  • For Customer AI service (new):
    • Google Cloud Platform (USA), for infrastructure as a service.
    • Cyclr (UK), for integrations with customer services.
    • Stripe (USA), for subscription billing.
  • For Workforce Management (WFM):
    • DNX (AU), for infrastructure management.
    • RedBear IT (AU), for infrastructure monitoring.
  • For customer management:
    • Hubspot (USA), Marketo (USA), SalesForce (USA).
    • ChargeBee (USA), for subscription billing and payment management.
    • Delighted (USA) for product feedback.
    • HotJar (USA, Ireland) for service usage and analytics (except for WFM).
    • Google analytics (USA) for service usage and analytics.
  • For internal operations and usage:
    • Google workspace (USA): Email services with customers and internal to manage and support services.

We take your privacy seriously. That’s why these prospective new third-party sub-processors have been verified to ensure they meet Playvox’s security and privacy standards and will meet Playvox’s data processing terms. No customer-owned data will be provided to these third parties until the sub-processor notification period has passed.

Check out the full list of our sub-processors here.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or email with any questions or concerns.