January 12, 2022 Release (Acquisition)

New from Playvox – Customer AI

Today we have great news about our newest offering based on the acquisition of Prodsight. We call it Customer AI – you will call it your secret sauce!

Our focus is to deliver intelligence that is relevant, responsible, and relatable for your business. Customer AI will help uncover insights by analyzing your customer conversations using artificial intelligence, delivering sentiment analysis and sophisticated auto-tagging. It is purpose-built for customer service and support operations and delivers out of the box integrations with top digital routing platforms such as Zendesk. Customer AI is focused on insights and sentiment to improve the interactions and experiences of your agents and customers. And a big win is that your time to value using these insights is days, not months. Plus, it is designed to be managed by your business users, not a team of data scientists.

To learn more about Customer AI, click here or contact your CSM for more information.