How do the Topic Suggestions work?

Customer topics are constantly evolving as your product or service changes, new customers come on board and new events occur in your city, country or the World.

To make sure you catch new issues before they escalate, we scan your conversations on a daily basis and automatically surface new topics in your Topic Suggestions. These suggestions are powered by our proprietary AI technology.

How to manage Topic Suggestions?

You will see a green counter in your side menu indicating how many new Topic Suggestions you have. Each is presented as a card that contains the following information:

  • Topic name
  • Related keyword(s)
  • How many times it was mentioned
  • Whether it has mostly negative sentiment
  • Example mentions to help you understand what the topics is about

You can sort Topic Suggestions in two ways:

  1. Track Topic - add the suggestion to your topic list to be included in your reports
  1. Dismiss - dismiss the suggestions so it doesn't show up again

The goal is to process each and every suggestion until you hit "inbox zero" so that you are alerted when new suggestions come in and they aren't drowned out by the old suggestions.