What is the purpose of Customer AI?

Customer AI acts a bit like a search engine for your customer feedback. When you're researching churn, you can type in "cancel subscription" into Customer AI and instantly see how many customers mentioned it and what they said about it. You can then save this search as a Topic.

A Topic is a key concept in Customer AI that allows you to cluster your customer feedback into distinct segments and build your reporting around.

Turn searches into Topics

  • To expand your search, you can specify multiple keywords or phrases.
  • Don't worry about capturing every variation - Customer AI will automatically pick up all word variants
  • Save your search as a topic and instantly see all historic mentions.
  • Any time these terms come up in your customer feedback, Customer AI will automatically add it to your topic.

Gain clarity with powerful analytics

Once you've configured your topic, you will be able to leverage a full range of analytics features:

  • Gauge whether the issue is growing with a real-time trend chart
  • Understand the sentiment
  • Perform root-cause analysis with sub-topics
  • Gain deep context by reading all related mentions in one place

Change your topic structure at any time

Let's say you forgot to add a term and feel like you missed out on some important mentions. Topics on Customer AI are "live" so you can always edit them to add or remove terms. This allows you to iterate and improve your topics over time as you learn more about your customers and the ways they describe their issues.

  1. Click Edit Topic
  1. Add or remove terms as needed
  1. Verify results in the mention side-pan
  1. Click Save topic
  1. Customer AI will automatically update your topic results based on the new criteria.