How to use keywords in Topics and Subtopics?

This article explains how keywords work in Topics and Subtopics.

Keywords are used to match your incoming mentions to Topics and Subtopics. The keywords should relate to the Topic or Subtopic in question and cover as many different variations of how the Topic or Subtopic could be referred to as possible.

Broad & exact match keywords

By default, Playvox Customer AI applies a broad match when attempting to match keywords to mentions. This essentially means it will also match slight variations of the defined keyword. This can be useful for a number of reasons, but it could also sometimes be unwanted. If you do not want this functionality on the keyword you are defining, you can select the exact match option. This means the keyword will only match mentions exactly as it is written.

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Negative keywords

The same logic can be applied to exclude keywords and works exactly how it sounds. Negative keywords will remove any mentions that match the keywords. By default, Playvox Customer AI also applies a broad match to negative keywords but can be customised with the exact match option.

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Single & multi word keywords

Both single word keywords and multi word keywords have their benefits and drawbacks. Use one or the other, or both in combination to strategically build your keyword list improve the accuracy of your Topics.

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