Which pricing plan is right for me?

The three main factors that affect Customer AI pricing are:

  • Mention volume
  • Number of seats
  • Contract duration

Mention Volume

Following these steps will help you gauge your approximate monthly mention volume:

  1. Start by reading our guide on Mention Allowance to understand how we calculate mentions;
  1. Check how many support tickets you were getting on a monthly basis over the last few months. This will help you understand how many tickets you get in a typical month;
  1. Consider other sources of customer feedback that you will be analyzing in Customer AI. Gauge how many reviews, survey responses, social media mentions, etc. you are receiving each month;
  1. Tally up your estimates for each source of feedback;

Example estimate for a B2C startup

  • 35,000 Mentions from 5,000 monthly support tickets (x7 user replies per ticket on avg.)
  • 5,000 Mentions from 5,000 reviews
  • 4,000 Mentions from 4,000 brand mentions on Twitter
  • 1,000 Mentions from 1,000 NPS survey responses

Total: 45k Mentions/month

In this example, the client would need a pricing plan with an allowance of at least 45k mentions.

Number of seats

Customer AI is a multi-user product so you will need to consider how many seats you will need to make sure everyone. Thinking through these questions might help you decide:

  • Who in the organization is relying on customer insights to do their job? Think product managers, designers, user researchers and C-Suite.
  • Who is responsible for reporting on customer issues? Think customer support team.
  • Who interacts with customers and is likely to directly receive customer feedback? Think marketing and sales teams.

Contract duration

We offer both monthly and annual contracts.

  • The benefit of our annual plans is that they offer significant cost savings of 20%.
  • If you want to have the flexibility of spreading the cost across the year and being able to cancel your subscription on short notice, then a monthly plan might suit better.

Can't decide?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you struggle to within our standard plans and we will create a custom-tailored planned for your organization.