Who typically uses Customer AI?

Customer AI is a text analytics tool designed to help make sense of your customer feedback quickly. Customer AI replaces the need to manually tag or categorize each piece of feedback by leveraging powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to automate this process.

What Customer AI does

  • Gathers and aggregates customer feedback from various sources
  • Automatically sorts feedback into relevant topics
  • Performs sentiment analysis on each piece of feedback
  • Provides real-time reporting into changing trends in your customer feedback

What Customer AI is useful for

  • Improving understanding of customer needs and issues
  • Identifying and monitoring support volume drivers
  • Informing product roadmaps and product strategy
  • Customer AI product improvements
  • Generating ideas for educational and marketing content
  • Informing support deflection strategies and content for FAQs, canned responses and automated bot replies
  • many other use cases...

Who uses Customer AI

Product, Support, and Customer Success teams are the primary users of Customer AI but since most roles somehow connect to customers we've also seen usage from:

  • Researchers
  • Data Scientists and Analysts
  • C-Suite
  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Sales Managers
  • Software Engineers and others.