Guide for Product Management

This guide is designed for existing Customer AI customers who are already familiar with the tool. If you're new to Customer AI, make sure to check out our Starter Guide first.

In customer-centric organizations, everyone is working towards solving customer problems. People that must pay the most attention to customer needs are those with "product" in their titles such as Product Managers, Product Owners, CPO, etc. Product Managers are the champions of the customer's voice and need to be constantly up-to-date with what existing and potential customers need in order to prioritize product roadmaps and sprint backlogs effectively.

Customer AI makes the analysis of existing customer feedback extremely quick by leveraging automation and Natural Language Processing technology.

Here are five ways you can use Customer AI in the product team:

1. Monitor feature launch feedback
2. Identify product defects & bugs
3. Track feature requests
4. Track competitor mentions
5. Gather positive feedback

1. Monitor feature launch feedback

When you launch a new feature you are anxious to see if delivers the desired engagement, growth, or customer praise.

Obviously, you will be watching your usage analytics metrics but seeing the qualitative side of it is just as crucial. Customer AI makes this a breeze by automating mention tracking around feature launches.

Example topics for feature launches

Topic name Keywords
Generic Feature Mention new feature, new layout, new way, release, update
Xero Integration accounting system, new integration, xero, xero integration
iPhone 11 update app store, app update, apple update, iOS, iPhone 11, new update
Release v2.6 2.6, new release, v2, v2.6
Android App android, apk, droid, google play

2. Identify product defects & bugs

One of the tactical product roles is to stay on top of issues in existing products and quickly prioritize fixes to maintain product quality and great user experience.

You can create custom topics in Customer AI to automatically gather mentions of various customer issues, analyze sentiment and track volume and trends. Here are some example topics below:

Example topics for product defects

Topic name Keywords
Generic Technical Issues 404, 500, blank screen, broken, bug, crash, doesn't work, error, glitch, issue, not loading, problem
Login Issues 403, can't access, can't log in, login issue, can't sign in
Payment Issues can't pay, charged twice, duplicate payment, double charge, pay issue, pay problem
Updating Issues not load, not sync, not update, old data, out of date, sync issue

3. Track feature requests

You don't want to get stuck simply maintaining existing features. Keeping an eye on feature requests and feeding volume, sentiment and trend insights are crucial for effective prioritization.

You can automate feature request tracking on Customer AI by creating topics similar to the examples below:

Example topics for feature requests

Topic name Keywords
Generic Feature Requests add feature, feature idea, feature request, feature roadmap, feature suggestion, have feature, product roadmap, implement feature
Zapier Integration zapier, zapier integration
Single Sign-On MS teams, Microsoft teams, single sign-on, SSO
Exporting CSV, download, excel, export
Mac App apple, mac, MacBook, macos

4. Track competitor mentions

The presence of competitors is a fact of life. It can even be seen as a positive since it means that your product has a real market that other players considered worth entering. However, keeping tabs of what customers are saying about your competitors is crucial in order to stay one step ahead and make sure you don't get wiped out.

Customer AI makes this task simple. You can set it up like that but instead using names of your rivals:

Example topics for competitor tracking

Topic name Keywords
Generic Competitor Mention alternative, competitor, move away, other solution, rival, switch provider, switch supplier
Coca-Cola Coca Colacocacolacokecola
Microsoft micro soft, microsoftms
Spotify Spotify
Amazon amazon, amz

5. Gather positive feedback

Your team is working hard every day to ship new features and product improvements. There is nothing better for lifting team morale than sharing raving quotes from actual customers.

Customer AI can automatically uncover user praise so you can easily share it with your team.

Example topics for the positive feedback

Topic name Keywords
All Positive Feedback amazing, awesome, best, excellent, fantastic, great, love, magical
Positive UX Feedback easy to use, good ux, great UI, great ux, intuitive, nice layout, easy navigate
Positive Feature Feedback great addition, great feature, great improvement, love app, love feature
Positive CS Feedback awesome support, excellent support, fast support, great support, quick reply, best support, great service
Positive Pricing Feedback affordable, cheap, good price, great price, great value

Hopefully, you found this guide useful and it inspired you to create some new topics. If you'd like more tips and tricks on creative ways of using Customer AI be sure to check out our other articles on the Help Center and blog and subscribe to our newsletter.