Import feedback from CSV/XLS via Google Sheets

Playvox Customer AI supports a variety of popular data sources including Intercom, Zendesk and over 2,000 apps via Zapier.

If you want to import data to Customer AI from an unsupported data source or a CSV or XLS file, then our Google Sheets integration might offer a solution.


  • An active Playvox Customer AI account
  • A Google account with access to Google Sheets

How does it work?

1. Request access to our template

Our Google Sheets integration is in beta so please contact us for access. We will share secure access to our Google Sheet importing template with you.

2. Familiarize with the data structure

The Google Sheet contains two system worksheets:

  • Preparation - a worksheet for preparing your data
  • IMPORT - a worksheet for importing your data into Playvox Customer AI

You can add or import additional worksheets to the document for your data cleaning/preparation needs. 

Important: do not remove or rename the existing worksheets - otherwise, the integration will not work.

The template maps to the following Playvox Customer AI metadata fields.

Column Title Required? Description Example
Message Text Yes The body of the message you wish to import Your app is great!
Message Created Date Yes When the message was created 2021-01-01
Data Source Yes Where the message originated Typeform
Message ID The unique identifier of the message within the Data Source 32543
Conversation ID If a message is part of a thread, you can specify the unique identifier of the thread within the Data Source 235324
Conversation URL The URL where the message can be accessed within your Data Source
Conversation Created Data If a message is part of a thread, the date when the thread was created 2021-01-01
Author ID If a message is associated with a user, the unique ID of the user within your Data Source 343

3. Prepare your data

First, you need to prepare your data by mapping it to the Playvox Customer AI template structure. 

  1. Open the Google Sheet we shared with you
  2. Select the worksheet titled Preparation
  3. Paste your data into the Preparation worksheet 
  4. Make sure that each row maps to the correct columns as illustrated below.

4. Copy data over for importing

Once you are happy with how the data looks in your Preparation sheet, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Preparation worksheet
  2. Select all the rows and columns you wish to import
  3. Copy your selection (you can use shortcuts CMD+C (Mac) or CTRL+C (Windows))
  4. Open the IMPORT worksheet
  5. Scroll to the last populated row in the worksheet
  6. Paste your selection (you can use shortcuts CMD+V (Mac) or CTRL+V (Windows))
  7. You will be asked to confirm the action, click OK to proceed
  8. Your rows are now pasted
  9. The new rows will be automatically picked up and imported into your Playvox Customer AI workspace within 5-10 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: Always paste the data as new rows. Never overwrite existing rows as the integration only looks for new rows when deciding what to import.