What are the different user permission levels?

There are two types of user permission levels in Customer AI:

  • Standard
  • Read-only

Standard account permissions

Accounts with Full Access permissions have the full access rights to your Customer AI workspace. This permission level is suitable for users who will be actively using Customer AI to manage the data and reporting in your workspace.

Read-only account permissions

Accounts with Read-Only can view all the data in the account but cannot make any changes to the integrations, the messages or the topic structure. This permission level is suitable for users who will be only consuming the data and reports in your Customer AI workspace.

Permission Comparison

Permission Standard Read-Only
Viewing Dashboard Yes Yes
Viewing Topics List Yes Yes
Viewing Projects List Yes Yes
Viewing Topic Details Yes Yes
Viewing Project Details Yes Yes
Viewing Search Yes Yes
Viewing Messages Yes Yes
Viewing Topic Suggestions Yes Yes
Viewing the connected and available Integrations Yes Yes
Subscribing to Email Alerts Yes Yes
Creating/Editing/Deleting Topics Yes -
Creating/Editing/Deleting Subtopics Yes -
Creating/Editing/Deleting Projects Yes -
Tracking/Dismissing Topic Suggestions Yes -
Starring/Unstarring Topics Yes -
Deleting Messages Yes -
Adding Users to Workspace
Yes -
Removing Users from Workspace Yes -
Adding new Integrations Yes -
API Key Access Yes -