What are the Custom Intents?

Learn about Custom Intents - our latest AI-powered feature in this quick guide.

What do the Custom Intents do?

Custom Intents allow you to create smart AI-powered topics to automatically track any customer issue, query or request.

You can use Custom Intents as part of your topic criteria instead of or in addition to keyword criteria.

Unlike keyword-based topics that rely upon you to define relevant phrases or words to find topic matches, Custom Intents are based on a Machine Learning model, which can be taught by example. By reviewing a sample of sentences and classifying them into two buckets based on whether they match the intent or not.

When should I use Custom Intents?

Custom Intents are great for situations where you have a large volume of repeat questions, requests or customer issues.

As a rough guideline, we'd recommend creating a Custom Intent if:

  • You have 50+ historical occurrences of a given issue in your Customer AI account
  • You anticipate receiving 50+ new occurrences per month
  • You receive at least 1,000 new messages per month.

Alternatively, it might be more effective to use one of our Common Intents or use keyword criteria for your topic.