How to train a new Custom Intent?

There are three major steps in training a new Custom Intent:

1. Create the Intent

  • In the sidebar menu, navigate to Intents
  • Scroll down to the Custom Intents section and click Create Intent
  • Define the name and description of your Intent
  • Type in one or more relevant phrases to generate some sample sentences which will be used to train the Intent
  • Confirm your choice by clicking Create Intent.

2. Train the Intent

  • Review the sentences presented in terms of whether they relate to the Intent you are currently training
  • If a presented example matches your Intent, click Yes, Correct
  • If a presented example matches your Intent, click No, Incorrect
  • Once you select one of the options, your selection will be automatically saved, and you will be shown the next sentence
  • On the right, you will see a bar indicating your progress. Continue reviewing sentences until you reach 100% on the progress bar.

3. Publish the Intent

  • Once you have completed the sentence review and the progress bar has reached, you will be able to publish the intent
  • Click Publish Intent to train the model based on the sentences you have reviewed. 
  • The training process can take between 5-10 minutes, but you do not need to stay on the screen as it will happen in the background
  • Click Create Topic to use your new Intent as part of the topic criteria.

Once the intent is published, the last 2,000 historic messages will be back tagged to help you evaluate the performance of your intent. Also, any new incoming messages will be tagged by your newly published intent.